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830 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
United States

Andrea Peterson


Born in Florida, raised in Baltimore, Maryland and Wilmington, North Carolina, Andrea attended East Carolina University studying Communication Arts with a B.A. in illustration.  She continued to study fine art painting, largely self-taught. Her paintings have been featured in exhibitions throughout the U.S. and in London, UK.  Andrea currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ where she continues to be inspired by the natural beauty of Arizona and traveling.

“I create imaginative figure and animal paintings inspired by narratives and nature. My latest prism paintings take everyday subject matter and scenes and applies a contemporary cubist-like style to them. The idea came about from seeing my own paintings leaning behind a large piece of stained glass (creating stained glass was a favorite hobby of my grandfather). Applying this prism-like style to my oil paintings in triangular patches of color creates a kaleidoscope-type image, where the viewer can feel like they are happening upon a special moment in time.”

photo credit: Scott Irvine

photo credit: Scott Irvine