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830 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
United States

April Howland

April Howland

I have had an affinity for animals since I can remember. At the young age of four, I remember being inspired by a book on how to draw cats and dogs. As I matured, I found myself sketching my interpretation of how animals think and what they feel which eventually led me to a career in fine art. I’ve always had a special connection with animals and when I had the opportunity to travel to places like Africa and Alaska, I found the animals there inspired me as much as the animals closer to home.
One of my favorite things to do is to view wildlife in their natural habitat. While I am with my subjects, I photograph and journal and then come back to my studio to begin sketching. Emotion and composition are the first two things I consider when creating a new piece. My goal is to express a contemporary and unique perspective of my subjects, and even though I may give them a boost of color and try new techniques, I am also careful to keep a touch of realism in the piece. My plan is to continue traveling for inspiration and painting from my experiences.