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830 Canyon Road
Santa Fe, NM, 87501
United States

Perryhan El-Ashmawi

Perryhan El-Ashmawi

My work surrounds a contemporary approach, inspired by insights derived from our popular culture. I draw from both illustrative and urban art, juxtaposing symbolic and graffiti-like elements. When it comes to creating artworks, it's not only about creating images that's aesthetically pleasing, it's about creating something that sparks emotion in both the artist and the viewer. I believe that art is not only meant to look nice. It needs to make you feel something.

I have always favored painting faces and figures, because I'm intrigued by the characteristics of the human expression. I believe that it carries a strong source of emotion, and that is exactly what I want for my artworks as well. I want the viewer to not only be grabbed by the painting, because they believe it looks good, I want them to look at it and feel good. The happiest moment for me is when I catch someone smiling at my painting.

As for my artistic style, I paint my subjects against an intensely colored and decorated large surface. This then allows my artworks to take on a psychedelic impression. Because I chose to paint people as my subject, I also explore themes that surround human nature, society, and popular culture. 

I took an interest in art, and creating art, because art is a global form of communication. It educates visually by either moving you, pleasing you, or even inspiring you. It has so much effect on one’s emotion, more that a person can affect another by words or action. An object that can bring so much meaning and can move a person emotionally is magical to me. I want to spark magic through my art, by spreading the word of a thought, idea, or even awareness.